Type 27-TM   DN50 GG25 6bar +140°C

Series E2701/05.. - B2706/05..

The Type 27 solenoid valve has a force pilot operated type of control and actuates  from a pressure difference of 0 bar up to max. 227psi (16bar).  Flange valve in grey cast, cast steel and special steel for all gaseous and liquid mediums of  up to + 80° C. In heating applications this valve can be used with EPDM diaphragm and special solenoids for temperatures of up to 140° C. As from DN32  (5/4”) standard valves are equipped with an closing time adjustment screw to  prevent water hammers with liquid fluids.
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Technical informations

ConnectionsDN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, DN40, DN50
PressureMin: 0 Bar, Max: 16 Bar
TemperatureMin: -10 °C, Max: 80 °C
Media Water H2O, permanent up to + 60°C Air Gasoline, Dieseloil, Fuels Oxygen O2 Fuel Oil Methane CH4 Nitrogen Gas N2 Forming Gas Gases flammable Acetylen C2H2 Acetone CH3COCH3 LPG liquified petrol gas propane, butane
Materialscast steel PN40
Type of Control2/2-way, force pilot operated
OptionalStromlos auf, Handbetätigung, ANSI-Flansch, Endschalter, Ex-Schutz gem. ATEX100 RL 94/9EG, Weitere auf Anfrage
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