Series A5230/0604 - A5256/0604

2/2-way solenoid valves of the type 52 have a directly acting type of control when they have been designed as nipple seat valves. Small nominal widths and relatively small and low performance solenoids are suitable for high pressures. Threaded connection G1/8 and G1/4 with nominal widths from DN1 to DN6 are primarily used in this series.
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Technical informations

ConnectionsG1/8, G1/4, G3/8
PressureMin: 0 Bar, Max: 150 Bar
TemperatureMin: -40 °C, Max: 80 °C
Media Biogas <= 0,5% H2S Gases flammable Calibration gas, test gas, dry natural Gas CH4 Odorant CNG - Compressed Natural Gas Water H2O, permanent up to + 60°C Methanol Alcohole CH3OH Ethanol Mercaptane Dimethylether DME CO2 carbon dioxide gas Liquid Carbon Dioxide LCO2 Isopropanol CH3 CH(OH)CH3 Tetraflourmethane CF4, gas 2-methylpentan, isohexane, liquid Dipropylenglycolmethylether DPM Nitrogen oxides, nitrous gases NOx Nitrogen dioxide NO2 Nitrous Oxide N2O Oxygen O2 Hydrogen H2 Hydrogen Sulfide, gas, dry, H2S isoprene C5H8
Materials1.4301 AISI 304 1.4305 AISI 303
Type of Control2/2-way, direct operated
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