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About the company


Buschjost Solenoid Valves

Your consultant and supplier of solenoid valves
who finds the answers to questions regarding
the control and shut-off of piping.

GSR-Erweiterung: Neues Gebäude
GSR-Erweiterung: 2019 - 2020
Autema - Fritz Buschjost - seit 1971 hochwertige Ventile
Autema Magnetventil 240v, Magentventil 12v oder Magentventil 24v
Marc Langejuergen von Buschjost Magnetventil GmbH & Co KG vor dem Lager
Buschjost Magnetventile GmbH & Co CO2 / Gas Magentventil
Detailansicht Ventil bei Buschjost Magnetventile GmbH & Co KG
Buschjost Magnetventil GmbH & Co KG Herr Langejuergen vor einer Maschine
Buschjost Magnetventile GmbH & Co. KG was founded on
10th December, 1998 by Fritz Buschjost and Marc Langejürgen
in Bad Oeynhausen - Northrhine Westphalia, Germany.

Thanks to Fritz Buschjost, son of Friedrich Buschjost, owner of an electric units and anchor coiling company which was founded in the Thirties we can look back on many decades of experience in the field of valve technology. Mr. Fritz Buschjost died in the year 2000, his wife Mrs. Edith Buschjost took up his legal succession.

On 18/05/2011 GSR Ventiltechnik GmbH & Co. KG took over the majority interest in this company and from that date it has been our holding company and partner. Since 1999 GSR has been a member of Indus Holding AG who are focussing on the acquisition, continuation and development of sound medium-sized enterprises.

In that same year the company seat was transferred from Bad Oeynhausen, Turmstraße 50 to Vlotho-Exter, Im Meisenfeld 5. Today, valves are developed and manufactured by 130 motivated employees on an area of 4,000 m² in Vlotho-Exter. Mr. Marc Langejürgen is the company's Managing Director.

Solenoid valves and pressure-controlled valves from Buschjost Magnetventile fulfil worldwide the given tasks in the machine-building and plant engineering field, in the environmental and energy sector, in the water resources management and in gas and cooling technology.

Buschjost service

Our Engagement

We are consultants and sellers of solenoid valves, and solution providers for the control and and shut-off of media-conveying pipes.


Please let us know your valve requirements and we will prepare a detailed offer with the contents technology, price and delivery time. We will be pleased to submit you non-binding free of charge alternative solutions.


We offer a comprehensive valve range for nearly every industrial application. Our customers' satisfaction shows us that we offer a well-balanced variety with our mix of standard and special valves.

Solution providers

Do you have any valve requirements that cannot be met? With our know-how we succeed in finding solutions for the elimination of troubles and adequate remedies.

Our Codex

As a responsibly acting member of society we have committed ourselves to the principles of conduct that you can view here.

 Buschjostventile Code of Conduct
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