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Buschjost Solenoid Valves GmbH & Co. KG

Your consultant and supplier of solenoid valves who finds the answers to questions regarding the control and shut-off of piping.

Buschjost Magnetventile GmbH & Co. KG was founded on 10th December 1998 by Fritz Buschjost and Marc Langejürgen in Bad Oeynhausen/North Rhine Westphalia.

With Fritz Buschjost, son of Friedrich Buschjost, owner of an electrical apparatus construction and anchor winding company whose foundation dates back to the 1930s, we can look back on many decades of experience in the field of valve technology. From the early 1970s until the 1990s, our co-founder equipped the booming market in the power industry with the company AUTEMA - Fritz Buschjost GmbH & Co. KG equipped the booming market in power plant technology with solenoid valves.

The founding of the "new" Buschjost Magnetventile GmbH & Co. KG in 1998 was another milestone in our development history.

In 2000 Fritz Buschjost died and his wife Edith Buschjost took over the legal succession. On 18.05.2011 GSR Ventiltechnik GmbH & Co. KG takes over the majority share in the company and from then on is our parent company and partner.

Since 1999, GSR has been a member of Indus Holding AG, which focuses on the acquisition, continuation and expansion of healthy medium-sized companies.

In the same year, the company headquarters were moved from Bad Oeynhausen, Turmstraße 50 to Vlotho-Exter Im Meisenfeld 5. Today, valves are developed and manufactured in Vlotho-Exter on an area of 4000 m² with 130 motivated employees.

Solenoid and pressure-controlled valves from Buschjost Solenoid valves fulfil the requirements of plant and mechanical engineering, the environmental and energy sector, water management, gas and refrigeration technology all over the world.


Our Engagement

We are consultants and suppliers of solenoid valves and problem solvers for the control and shut-off of fluid-carrying pipelines.

Your Consultant

Let us know your valve requirements and we will work out a detailed offer including technology, price and delivery time. We will be pleased to show you alternative solutions, without obligation and free of charge.

Your Provider

We offer a comprehensive range of valves for almost every industrial application. The satisfaction of our customers shows us that we offer a balanced variety with our mix of standard valves and special valves.

Your Problem Solver

You have a seemingly unsolvable valve requirement? With our know-how, we succeed in pointing out solutions to eliminate faults and provide a remedy.

Our Aspiration

Buschjost solenoid valves offer economically interesting valve solutions in well-known high quality. Buschjost customers receive our support throughout the entire life cycle of the valve. We guarantee the supply of spare parts from the individual seal to the complete revision set.

Thanks to the modern production process, all valves placed on the market can be tracked, even after many years. This is done via the type plate and through a permanent stamping on the valve. Each valve is subjected to a strict quality control before delivery. A 100% test for function and tightness according to the currently valid standards is a matter of fact for us.

Our Code of Conduct

As a responsible member of society, we are committed to a code of conduct, which you can view here.

Code of Conduct

Buschjost Product Range & Service

The Buschjost process valve-range includes a variety of different solenoid valves and pneumatic pressure-controlled valves for controlling and regulating gaseous, liquid media in piping systems under pressure.

Types of Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves, constructed as poppet valves are classified into servo-controlled, forced-operated and direct-controlled valves.

  • Servo-controlled solenoid valves require a pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the valve to function correctly; the pressure range is usually specified with the required inlet pressure: For example, 0.3-16 bar.
  • Direct controlled solenoid valves operate independently of pressure. The high magnetic force is sufficient to lift the valve disc directly against the medium pressure. These valves are used for large seats for low pressures 0-4 bar, or for small seats for pressures 0-90 bar, in special applications 0-450 bar.
  • Forced operated solenoid valves combine the advantages of both valve designs mentioned above. The valves switch without pressure difference, just like the directly controlled valves, and can be used equally for large valve seats without the power of the solenoid actuators becoming extremely high.Typical pressure range for positively controlled valves is: 0-16 bar

Externally Controlled Valves

Externally controlled valves are actuated with the help of the medium air (approx. 4...8 bar).

The sealing element is lifted directly by a pneumatic cylinder using compressed air. In single-acting actuators there is a pressure spring for resetting to the rest position when the control medium is removed. The valves are controlled via a 3/2-way valve (solenoid valve) which is mounted directly on the actuator cylinder. Pressure-controlled valves are well designed for the control of gaseous, highly viscous, conditionally contaminated and aggressive media, because the actuator chamber is separated from the operating medium.

The valves fall into the category of automatic valves and are normally closed-NC. Optionally, the normally open NO position is also possible. Buschjost solenoid valves offer a wide range of 2/2 way valves, 3/2 way valves for shutting off, distributing or mixing gaseous and liquid media.

Valve Options & Special Valves

Buschjost solenoid valves impress with a high variety of valve options and special valves:

  • Valve bodies made of brass, stainless steel, cast steel, grey cast iron as well as special materials and sealing elements made of NBR, EPDM, FKM, FFKM, PTFE and Peek.
  • Switching pressures in standard 10 bar, 16 bar, 40 bar and for high pressure applications from 100 bar to 1050 bar possible. Special valves are available for vacuum applications up to 10 -7 mbar (He).
  • The shut-off valves, change-over valves and distribution valves from Buschjost solenoid valves are suitable for gaseous, liquid and vapour media. Some valve types are also suitable for viscous, gelatinous and highly viscous media.
  • The operating temperatures depend on the choice of materials. The temperature range -10°C to +80°C is covered by all standard valves. For extended temperatures -40°C to -196°C and +90°C to +250°C, valve solutions are available in the different sizes.

Ball Valves & Fittings

In addition to the valves, a ball valve programme is available for controlling your processes. Ball valves, manually operated or automated, and accessories such as check valves, strainers, pilot valves and position switch boxes round off the product range.

For your enquiry, please contact us by telephone, by email or via our popular ValveScout. As a further service, we offer a Kv value calculator in the Service section for the correct sizing of the valve.

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