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Valves with railway certification EN 50155 for Fire Protecting Systems

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Valves are needed to ensure filling and emptying processes for a water mist system. The valves must be equipped with at least one limit switch for the "Closed" position (suitable for railway use). Fresh water is filled in and emptied via the valves ...

Fresh water is filled in and emptied via the valves. The valves are to be arranged in a protected position beneath the wagon, any installation position must be possible due to the narrow available space. The fresh water tank is to be filled in less than 10 min. at a water pressure of 3 - 4 bar. The water is exclusively to be used for fire fighting. A railway certification EN 50155 is required for the valves. 3 valves per unit x 7 wagons x 9 trains are needed.

Developed, tested and successfully used:

Pneumatic Y-type valve
063.005376 + G072.00522.010.009.010

with certificate according Federal Railway Standard BN 411 002
(DIN EN 50155 Pkt. 12.2; extract 03/2008):

  • climatic testing according DIN EN 60068-2-ff
  • mechanical tests - tests for vibrations and shock acc. DIN EN 61373 (extract 04/2011) Categorie 1 Class