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Fire-fighting water system with lockable solenoid valves

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There is high risk of fire due to overheated fat in all the fields where cocoa beans are to be roasted. In the plants, steam is often used as a heat source for the roaster air and any plugged nozzles and pipe fittings can easily be overheated by the fat so that the plant catches fire ...

A water fire-fighting-system with special type solenoid valves has been designed to prevent the risk of fire.

The safety concept provides for electric opening of the NC-valves in case of fire whereby a spring-loaded pin is blocked in its position so that opening is ensured during fire fighting even if electrical units have already been destroyed by the fire.

In normal operation the solenoid valves are always closed for a long period (unless the system catches fire). Furthermore the valves are equipped with an electrical position indicator for status display.

Once the solenoid valves have been released their closure is only possible in a combination of "currentless state' and "pushing the reset button".

Developed, tested and successfully used:

Typ : 1/932-24-1001-.322-E6 24VDC 30Watt

  • Diaphragm Valve
  • NC - normally closed with spring
  • threaded ends G3/4 or 3/4NPT
  • 0-6 bar 
  • brass / perbunan