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July 2020
10 Years Cryo-Valves 2006-2016

Lifetime, a Question of the horizon of expectation

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It is therefore no surprise that Buschjost by no means offers the lowest-priced solenoid valves on the market - this has never been a premise of the company and never will be, and rightly so, because as the current situation shows, Buschjost solenoid valves are holding their own at the top of a segment in which there is no shortage of discount products from the Far East .

... In any case, the price differences mainly relate to the purchase price, which is not a complete way of looking at it, however. After all, special industrial products have to be assessed over their lifetime and against this background it becomes clear that high quality even means cheaper prices in the long run. Two factors are decisive for this:

  • 1. Longer life means longer purchase cycles
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  • 2. Greater reliability means fewer incidents and downtime
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    Furthermore, this clear positioning also has positive effects on the German economy. Because about 70 percent of all parts are manufactured in-house, Buschjost makes its contribution to the domestic labour market. Looking at direct competitors as well as the industry as a whole, the Buschjost model almost seems like an anachronism in the face of the globalisation race.


    • 07 September 2006
    • Buschjost Solenoid Valves installs its 1st cryogenic solenoid valve for the control of cryogenic liquefied nitrogen down to -200°C in a concrete cooling plant. The valve has the serial no. BAU22014 , produced in the month of August in the year 2006.

    • In October 2016
    • after 10 years of hard use, this valve will be returned to our factory for inspection and overhaul. back to our factory.

    • Workshop report:
    • "... Cryogenic valve from BAU22014 still without KFB and old design without cone, leakage at main seat, otherwise good condition, solenoid coil insulation resistance/diode test carried out - i.o."

    • . The refitting of the valve is limited to a new welding and sealing set in 2/738 049.003011. The valve is now fit again for the next 10 years.