A6325/0804/7505-FL DN25 PN40

Series A6301/0804 - A6306/0804-FL

Type  63FL in flanged design have a directly acting and external medium operated type of control  and need compressed air from 4 to 10 bar for switching. They have a simple  and solid design and quick reaction times. They can also be used for dirty, aggressive and highly viscous mediums. High  quality valves, very suitable for large series plants thanks to their variable design. In order to avoid water hammer effects, just select the option "valve closes against the media" .
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This series includes:

Technical informations

ConnectionsDN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, DN40, DN50
PressureMin: 0 Bar, Max: 40 Bar
TemperatureMin: -40 °C, Max: 200 °C
MediaWater H2O, permanent up to + 60°C Hydrogen H2 Helium Gas He Oxygen O2 Methanol Alcohole CH3OH Ethanol Dimethylether DME HCL Hydrogen chloride gas Sulfur Dioxide Liquid SO2 Brake Fluid Butadien C4H6 Ammoniac NH3 Sodium Phosphate NA3PO4 Flue Gas SOX, SO2, N2, O2, CO Formic Acid HCOOH Hydrogen Sulfide, gas, dry, H2S Hydrogen Peroxide 0,5% H2O2, +20°C Phenol, Carbolic Acid - diluted with water Nitrogen oxides, nitrous gases NOx Nitrogen dioxide NO2 Steam up to +200°C Condensate up to +200°C Thermal-Oil up to +200°C Hot Air up to +200°C Mineral Oil Cool Emulsion, Cooling Water Water demineralised, Osmose Water H2O with Glycole Motor Oil sodium silicate (waterglass) Ethylacetat CH3 CO2 CH2 CH3
Materials1.4408/ 1.4571 AISI 316 Ti
Type of Controldirect operated
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