Series 2/918-R270-FL
2/2-way direct operated axial slide solenoid valve for high viscosity, jelly-like and dirty fluids. The valve is back pressure resistant up to 16bar. Installation in horizontal or vertically pipe. Please pay attention to the high consumption power and heavy weight of these type!
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Technical informations
DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, DN40, DN50
0 bar up to 40 bar
-10 °C up to 100 °C
Type of Control
electr. direct
Housing materials
AISI 304 - 1.4301 | CW617N brass
Water, H2O, high viscous Fluids up to 1000 mm²/s, Water H2O with Glycole, dirty Fluids, Grinding oil with dirt and abrasion particles, Ammoniac NH3, Methanol Alcohole CH3OH, Ethanol, Biogas <= 0,5% H2S, Biodiesel, Rapsmethylester (RME), Oxygen O2, slurry of chalk, sodium silicate (waterglass), Glycerine aqueous, H2O with C3H8O3, silan gas, Propionic acid C3H6O2, Fuel Oil, Air, Gasoline, Dieseloil, Fuels, Hydraulic Oil, Motor Oil, Mineral Oil, Used Oil, Waste Oil, Rape Oil, Additives for Fuels
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