Type 73   G1/4 ... G2  3-way all fluid universal valve

Series A7321/10.. - B7328/10..

The type 73, 3/2-way solenoid valve for universal use has a directly acting type of control. The inlet pressure (p) can be installed optionally at the three (3) existing connection points. By this, the Type 73 can be used as mixing valve, distributor valve and on/off valve.  Standard valves are suitable for pressures from 0 to 285psi (20 bar). With special valves in stainless steel and explosion-proof designs you can reach switching pressures of up to 3555psi (250 bar). The valves can be equipped with manual emergency actuation and limit switch. Suitable also as a release valve for compressores / generators.
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Technical informations

ConnectionsG1/4, G3/8, G1/2, G3/4, G1, G5/4, G6/4, G2
PressureMin: 0 Bar, Max: 25 Bar
TemperatureMin: -20 °C, Max: 80 °C
MediaOxygen O2 Gases flammable JP-8 jet fuel, kerosine Gasoline, Dieseloil, Fuels Motor Oil Fuel Oil Air Water H2O, permanent up to + 60°C Cool Emulsion, Cooling Water Nitrogen Gas N2 Vacuum Hydraulic Oil Water-Glycole mix Brake Fluid Acetylen C2H2 Acetone CH3COCH3 propylene glycol C3H8O2
Type of Control3/2-way, direct operated
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