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Series 3/918-..-06-R370

3/2-way direct operated coaxial solenoid valve also for highly viscous, lubricating media up to 40 bar. Change-over valves type 3/918 are preferably used where classical seat valves cannot be used due to the fluid properties. Valve with sealing made of FKM, optionally EPDM/PTFE can be used for an extended range of applications. A further argument in favour of this design is the ability to flow through and shut off in all directions.
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Technical informations

ConnectionsG1/2, G3/8, G6/4, G2, G3/4, G1, G5/4, G1/4
PressureMin: 0 bar, Max: 40 bar
TemperatureMin: -10 °C, Max: 100 °C
Media Grinding oil with dirt and abrasion particles Water H2O with Glycole Water, H2O high viscous Fluids up to 1000 mm²/s dirty Fluids Ammoniac NH3 Methanol Alcohole CH3OH Ethanol Sodium Phosphate NA3PO4 Biogas <= 0,5% H2S Resins Biodiesel, Rapsmethylester (RME) sodium silicate (waterglass) Hydrogen H2
Housing materialsAISI 304 - 1.4301
Type of Controlelectr. direct
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