Coaxial valves

The switching process takes place almost without friction and without differential pressure. This technology enables a service life of several million several million switching operations and reduces the maintenance intervals and operating costs of a system. The very high reliability over the entire service life ensure constant tightness and productivity. The frictionless mechanics of the coaxial valves require 40 msec (e.g. DN10) for the complete switching process and thus stand for high process efficiency. for a high process efficiency.


  • for highly viscous, lubricating, abrasive, aggressive and dirty media
  • available as solenoid valve and pressure-controlled valve.
  • 2/2-way NC/NO
  • 3/2-way distribute/mix/vent
  • short switching times
  • any installation position
  • flow can pass through from all sides and can be shut off
  • feedback contact(s) possible from DN10mm upwards