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Directly controlled valves

Valves of this type switch the sealing element directly via the actuator. The valves switch from 0 bar up to the maximum operating pressure. In the case of directly controlled seat valves, the valve disc must normally be lifted from the seat against the effective operating pressure by the actuator alone. Supported by the medium pressure, a closing spring keeps the valve closed. The direction of flow is fixed and marked with an arrow, or with ducted inlet "P" and outlet "A".

The switching process of directly controlled coaxial valves takes place almost without friction and without differential pressure. This design allows any flow direction.

Application of direct operated poppet valves
Large nominal diameters up to DN50 for low pressures up to 4 bar.
Small nominal diameters up to DN5 for high pressures up to 400 bar.

Application direct operated coaxial valves
High pressures up to 160bar, nominal diameters independent.

all direct operated solenoid valves: