octubre de 2022
FRITZ. The sensor for end position detection (11/22)

As of now. Valve switch detection with a Hall sensor can now be retrofitted for solenoid valves. For many applications it is essential that the user is certain whether the valve has switched or not. Such end position sensing is usually solved with reed contact switches.

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However, this solution makes sense for larger valves from DN15 mm resp. 4 mm valve stroke. The end position Hall-sensor FRITZ, on the other hand, can be used for small valves from G1/8 connection resp. DN1 mm. The great advantage of this solution is that it can be easily retrofitted to existing valves. In addition, the sensor is available as option -6H in complete assembly with valve.

  • Easy assembly
  • suitable for DC-Solenoid Systems 12V...205V DC
  • AC operation via bridge rectifier possible
  • Retrofittable
  • Compact and robust
  • High-quality stainless steel housing
  • For high and low temperatures
  • Sensor Fritz is screwed onto the top of the G1/8 anchor tube thread and operated via an M12x1 sensor cable at 24VDC (LED operation indicator GREEN).

    The Sensor detects the magnetic field. When the anchor of the solenoid valve moves, the magnetic field changes and the sensor detects when the valve has switched.

    The Sensor signals as soon as the anchor of the solenod valve is in contact with the opposite pole. The LED integrated in the plug confirms the successful switching (LED switching indicator YELLOW).

    To ensure switching accuracy and switching reliability, the rated current of the solenoid coil must be constant.