Solenoid valves

febrero de 2021
Válvula de cierre de combustible para locomotoras diesel-eléctricas

Como otro proyecto de contrato tras nuestro proyecto "Válvulas de cierre de combustible para locomotoras europeas" finalizado en 2014, nuestro cliente está desarrollando una locomotora de tren de pasajeros diésel de alta velocidad para el mercado estadounidense.

Leer el artículo completo en pdf

Subsequent to our project "Fuel cut-off valves for European locomotives" concluded in 2014, our customer is developing a further order project, i.e. a fast driving diesel passenger locomotive for the US market. For this application we are looking for an electrically operated FCO solenoid valve (fuel cut-off valve) with some special features.

„ As the US locomotives are equipped with a larger 16V diesel motor the valve will have to be larger than that of the previous project. It would be desirable to have the possibility of supplying 74 VDC to the magnet of the valve. Please find below a tabular inquiry specification with a summary of all essential technical requirements ....“

Extract from the specification for a FUEL CUT-OFF SOLENOID VALVE:

  • Voltage 74V DC -30% … +25%
  • easy to operate manual override
  • flow rate 770l/h up to 1400 l/h Diesel
  • Temperature range -40°C … +55°C
  • electrical position indicator for end position CLOSED
  • railway certificate (climate test, shock test, ...)
  • Test and examinations according to the railway standard DIN EN 50155
  • with Climate tests according DIN EN 60068
  • with Shock and Vibration tests according DIN EN 61373