Solenoid valves

octubre de 2023
Servicio en la válvula de solenoide de alta presión en la casa de la bomba

Las válvulas tienen que ser mantenidas en función de la carga. La cantidad de estrés depende de la duración del uso, el medio, la presión y las circunstancias inusuales como la contaminación y la temperatura.

In a ski resort a solenoid valve of a pump station which was used to feed the snow blowers with water failed as shown in this case.

The water was extracted from water reservoirs in higher situated areas and the water pressure was increased to 80 or 100 bar by a pressure booster system in the pump station. Subsequently the water was fed through sometimes very long water pipes to the single consuming units, i.e. the snow blowers.

Problem case:

Due to the failure of the high pressure solenoid valve type 1/041 the high pressure and consequently operation of the snow blowers could not be maintained during the winter season. The control revealed that deposits had been formed on the PTFE sealing surface which resulted in a continuous leakage towards the outlet. However, a small plastic part which had clamped the valve piston was the main reason for valve failure. It is to be assumed that the foreign body had come from the pump station and found its way to the valve despite the filter sieves.