Series 2/738-21-23/0804 CRYO
2/2-way solenoid valve made from stainless steel for cryogenic media. The sealing element is a metal piston with ring-shaped seat sealing. The piston is guided in the valve cover by piston ring. A pressure differential (delta p) is not required for the operation. These valves are used where it is desired to have the valve function independent of system flow. The valve opens automatically as soon as the pressure downstream of the valve is greater than the pressure upstream of the valve.
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Technical informations
G1/4, G3/8, G1/2
0 bar up to 30 bar
-196 °C up to 80 °C
Type of Control
electrically force-controlled
Housing materials
AISI 316 Ti - 1.4571(81)
Dipropylenglycolmethylether DPM , Liquid Carbon Dioxide LCO2, Liqud Nitrogen -196°C LN2, LNG liquified natural gas -162°C, Oxygen Liquid, -183°C LOX, Argon, liquified cryogenic -186°C, Toluol C6H5CH3
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