Series A3701/0515 DT - A3706/0815 DT
Type 37-DT solenoid valve for high temperatures up to +250 °C, with Peek sealing at the seat. The temperature limit of +200 °C can be exceeded by taking additional measures. As we guarantee a 100% operating time for our solenoid systems, an distance unit is required between the valve cover and the solenoid coil.
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Technical informations
DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, DN40, DN50
0 bar up to 40 bar
-20 °C up to 250 °C
Type of Control
electrically force-controlled
Housing materials
EN-GP240GH cast steel | AISI 316 Ti - 1.4571(81)
hot Gases 230°C, Steam 230°C, Thermal-Oil >230°C
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