Series A6323/0815-DT - A6328/0815-DT
Type  63-DT with Peek sealings for temperature up to +250 °C have a directly acting and external medium operated type of control  and need compressed air from min. 6 bar for switching. They have a simple  and solid design and quick reaction times. High  quality valves, very suitable for large series plants thanks to their variable design. In order to avoid water hammer effects, just select the option "valve closes against the media" . Optionally +300°C with metallic sealings.
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Technical informations
G1/2, G3/4, G1, G5/4, G6/4, G2
0 bar up to 40 bar
-40 °C up to 250 °C
Type of Control
pneum. direct
Housing materials
AISI 316 - 1.4408 | CC499K red brass
Rückmeldekontakte AUF/ZU
gaseous, liquid, aggressive, hot Gases 230°C, Flue Gas SOX, SO2, N2, O2, CO, Steam 230°C, Thermal-Oil >230°C, Steam 250°C, Thermal-Oil >250°C
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