Series B2801-B2806/08 TM
Solenoid valve for gases and solid-free liquids. The valve seat is sealed by a rubber diaphragm. Benefit from the advantages of the 28 series with flange connection if you ensure that there is a minimum pressure difference between the inlet and outlet. The specification of the min. pressure difference can be found in the data sheets and precedes the max. possible pressure difference. Valve is sensor-ready, configurable with end position detection as option -6H or for retrofitting.
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Technical informations
DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, DN40, DN50
0.5 bar up to 16 bar
-30 °C up to 140 °C
Type of Control
Electrically servo-assistent
Housing materials
AISI 316 Ti - 1.4571(81)
Water demineralised, Osmose, Water, Hot above 90°C H2O, Steam 110°C, Condensate
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