Series B4648-B4668/0804
The solenoid valve Type 46 for high system pressures of up to 1422psi (100 bar) has a pilot operated type of control. A minimum  pressure difference of 14,22psi (1 bar) is needed to ensure perfect function. Proven valve in special steel with a long service life and suitable for a high  switching rate. The valve can be designed free of oil and grease for oxygen applications in gas supply plants.
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Technical informations
G1/4, G3/8, G1/2
1 bar up to 100 bar
-40 °C up to 80 °C
Type of Control
Electrically servo-assistent
Housing materials
AISI 316 Ti - 1.4571(81)
free of oil and grease
Ammoniac NH3, Air, Water, H2O, Acetylene C2H2, Acetone CH3COCH3, natural Gas CH4, CNG - Compressed Natural Gas, CO2 carbon dioxide gas, Hydrogen H2, Sulfur Dioxide Liquid SO2, Oxygen O2, Nitrous Oxide N2O, Butadien C4H6, Methane CH4, Helium Gas He, Additives for Fuels, Dimethylether DME, Liquid Carbon Dioxide LCO2, Mercaptane, 2-methylpentan, isohexane, liquid, refrigerant R290, R600a, heptane ( hexan, petrol), potassium hydroxide KOH, 50%, aqueous, Dipropylenglycolmethylether DPM , Nitrogen oxides, nitrous gases NOx, Nitrogen dioxide NO2, Argon Ar, CO carbon monoxide, Ethane C2H6, Nitrogen Gas N2, Ethylacetat CH3 CO2 CH2 CH3, Toluol C6H5CH3, JP-8 jet fuel aviation, kerosine
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