Series C5121-C5128/0804 TH
Type 51-TH is a servo-controlled piston valve of the new generation of up to 40 bar and media temperature up to +180°C. However, the type 51-TH valve gets by with smaller solenoids and consequently has an interesting price. Currently this valve can be supplied in stainless steel with PTFE sealing. Valve is sensor-ready, configurable with end position detection as option -6H or for retrofitting.
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Technical informations
G1/4, G3/8, G1/2, G3/4, G1, G5/4, G6/4, G2
0.5 bar up to 40 bar
-20 °C up to 180 °C
Type of Control
Electrically servo-assistent
Housing materials
AISI 316 Ti - 1.4571(81)
Steam 180°C, Condensate 200°C, Thermal-Oil >180°C, Hot Air 180°C
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