Type 27 DN25 0-16bar NC stainless steel + EEx

Series E2701/08.. - B2706/08..

The Type 27 solenoid valve has a force pilot operated type of control and actuates  from a pressure difference of 0 bar up to max. 227psi (16bar).  Flange valve in grey cast, cast steel and special steel for all gaseous and liquid mediums of  up to + 80° C. In heating applications this valve can be used with EPDM diaphragm and special solenoids for temperatures of up to 140° C. As from DN32  (5/4”) standard valves are equipped with an closing time adjustment screw to  prevent water hammers with liquid fluids.
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Technical informations

ConnectionsDN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, DN40, DN50
PressureMin: 0 Bar, Max: 16 Bar
TemperatureMin: -30 °C, Max: 80 °C
Media Methanol Alcohole CH3OH Ethanol Hydrogen H2 Water demineralised, Osmose Gasoline, Dieseloil, Fuels Nitrogen Gas N2 Water H2O, permanent up to + 60°C Triglycole, Triethylenglycole C6H14O4 Propylene, Propene - C3H6 Biodiesel, Rapsmethylester (RME) sewage gas, proportionally H2S, NH3 Urea Ammoniac NH3 sodium silicate (waterglass) Coke oven gas
Materials1.4408/ 1.4571 AISI 316 Ti 1.4404 AISI 316L
Type of Control2/2-way, force pilot operated
OptionalStromlos auf, Handbetätigung, ANSI-Flansch, Endschalter, Ex-Schutz gem. ATEX100 RL 94/9EG, Weitere auf Anfrage
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